Introducing Remarkable Artists Who Flourished with Zi Records

Ella Harmony

Background: Ella Harmony, a talented singer-songwriter, initially struggled to find her voice in the competitive music industry. She turned to Zi Records for guidance and support.
Progress with Zi Records: Under Zi Records’ mentorship, Ella Harmony honed her songwriting skills, developed a unique sound, and released her debut album, “Harmonious Evolution.” The album received critical acclaim and propelled her to international stardom. Ella is now known for her soulful melodies and powerful lyrics.

Rico Beats

Background: Rico Beats, a gifted rapper and producer, faced challenges in getting his music noticed. Zi Records recognized his potential and took him under their wing.
Progress with Zi Records: With the resources and expertise provided by Zi Records, Rico Beats released a series of successful mixtapes and singles that garnered millions of streams. His breakout hit, “Urban Rhymes,” showcased his storytelling prowess and solidified his reputation as a rising star in the hip-hop scene.

Isabella Melody
Indie Folk

Background: Isabella Melody, a folk singer-songwriter, struggled to find an audience for her heartfelt, introspective songs. Zi Records saw the beauty in her music and helped her find her niche.
Progress with Zi Records: Through Zi Records’ support, Isabella Melody released her debut album, “Whispers of the Heart,” which resonated with listeners worldwide. Her ethereal vocals and emotionally charged lyrics have earned her a dedicated fan base and invitations to perform at prestigious music festivals.

Carlos Rhythmix
Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Background: Carlos Rhythmix, an aspiring electronic music producer, sought Zi Records’ guidance to break into the competitive EDM scene.
Progress with Zi Records: Zi Records provided Carlos with the tools and exposure needed to thrive in the EDM world. His tracks started gaining traction on major streaming platforms, and he quickly became a sought-after DJ in clubs and festivals globally. Carlos Rhythmix’s electrifying beats and innovative soundscapes continue to captivate dance music enthusiasts.